Setting Defaults - How?

Hi all,

I find myself having to set certain things (and I’ll add to this thread if I find more…) after starting new scores :

  1. Music font (to Petaluma)
  2. Chord symbol size (to 16 pt)

Is there a way to have Dorico start new scores with different defaults?

Thx and cheers,

There’s no good way to do this at the moment, though of course in the future there will be. (This is because you can’t easily save changes to font styles as defaults at the moment.)

Your best bet for now is to make the changes you want in one project, do File > Save As to save it under a template filename, then delete all of its players and flows. Now when you want to start a new project, open this file instead of doing File > New, and do File > Save As to save it under the appropriate name.

Something like ‘house styles’ ?.. :wink:

  • Robert

Thanks Daniel!