setting different clef for transposed and concert pitch

I am trying to move some of the music in my horn part to the bass clef, only in the Score in C. I selected the music, and chose edit>Clef>concert and chose the bass clef. But nothing happened. In the instruction manual it says to select the clef - but I haven’t found the clefs to be clickable (and there is no clef right where I want to make the change).

Also - I tried to program a key command for toggling between transposed and concert pitch, but I did not see those choices among the options under “Edit” in the Key Command dialogue. Are they some place else?

I’m pretty certain that’s the right spot, unless it’s moved since version 2 (I can’t check right now) … it is in a sub-menu IIRC, did you try using the search box in the key command dialogue?

It’s not that you’re not looking in the right place, but rather that you haven’t added an explicit clef that you can actually select to apply this option.

You have two methods available to you.

  1. Change the instrument: Go into Setup mode, click the little caret next to the Horn Player, then click the caret next to the Horn instrument (nested under the Player), then go Change Instrument. I don’t know whether you’re using “Horn” in the colloquial sense, meaning “any kind of brass instrument or saxophone”, or “French Horn”, but if it’s common for this particular instrument to be shown in bass clef in concert pitch, then there’s a good chance the appropriate variant will appear here:

There are no side effects to this method.

  1. If option 1 isn’t viable, then add a treble clef manually at the start of bar 1. Then right-click it and choose Edit > Clef > Concert > Bass Clef. The side effect to this method is that the presence of the explicit clef will force the Horn’s stave to appear on the first system of the flow, even if your Layout Options are set to hide empty staves.

Ooh - very helpful! excellent and thanks!