Setting DropoutMillisecondsBeforeTransportStops - so long recording don't stop for nothing?

There is a setting in Sonar(former Cakewalk, now BandLab) to let you set the tolerance used before making such a strong impact and stopping a recording and a session recording has to be redone.

From Sonar manual
DropoutMsec= Integer 250
Setting DropoutMsec to a positive value > 0 specifies the actual time in milliseconds to tolerate before dropping out due to starvation.
Setting DropoutMsec to a negative value < 0 means we use a multiple of the audio buffer size as the tolerance. i.e. -2 means we use twice the audio buffer size.

Let us decide what we can tolerate.

I’ve been working now for three days removing everything regarding check for updates stuff, and similar in my computer to get rid of hourly dropouts I got. And it even is not problem in Sonar, I had no dropouts there from these checking of updates, none, not ever.

It probably happend to you all at some point.