Setting dynamic below staves on 'wordless' vocal lines

Hello again.
Is there a way of adding dynamics below staves with vocal lines throughout a project?
As things are, Dorico rightly interprets player names and puts the dynamics above but this is an exception.
As things stand I either have to flip every one (and there are thousands!) or rename the players as something like string players until finished.
I tried the property box, setting local properties ‘global’ and things but I can’t bring off a change throughout the project. Apologies for my lack of understanding.
Many thanks if you can help.

Use Select More to select all the dynamics on that staff, then press F to flip them all?

Or choose a different instrument and rename the staff (and reassign a vocal sound to the part).

Ah. Ok. Many thanks. If that has to be done, so be it. I should have remembered from past experience when the instrument was an Alto Fl and it treated it like an alto voice.
I’ll know better if I do another one of these.
All the same it comes as a surprise I can’t just fix the dynamics below (or above for an instrument when room below doesn’t permit) .
Again, thanks.

That’s where Dan’s “Press F for Flip” comes in.