Setting ending after DC

Hello! I have been working with a piece that I imported as musicxml. It has a repeated A section with a 1st and 2nd ending, a B section and a DC back to A with a final bar line at the end of the 2nd ending. On playback, everything is working well except that I cannot figure out how to stop playback at the end of the A section after the DC. It jumps to the second ending on the DC but no matter what I set in the settings for the repeats or adding a fine marking the playback continues into the B section and ends at the end of the B section. I checked the manual and feel like I have missed something obvious somewhere but can’t figure it out.

Welcome to the forum! To obtain proper playback, follow these steps:

  1. Select the final barline at the end of the 2nd ending and add a Fine marking.
  2. Select and delete the D.C. marking.
  3. Select the barline at the end of the piece and add a D.C. al Fine marking.
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And so I did miss something obvious. Thanks for the reply!