Setting exact timecodes


I don’t know how to enter exact timecodes.

For example, on the short I am working on, I would like to put a timecode exactly at 00:01:37:14, but Dorico switches it at 00:01:37:13, I don’t know why. Dorico does it also upward, for example, I would like to enter a timecode at 00:02:14:20 but Dorico switches it at 00:02:14:21.

Thank you

Try moving the playhead to the precise moment using the next/previous frame shortcuts (Ctrl+F9/Ctrl+F7) and then create the marker once the playhead is at exactly the right frame.

I tried on another short movie and it doesn’t work. On the new short, it worked good at 00:00:10:00, but 00:00:14:22 selected by moving the playhead with shortcuts switched back at 00:00:14:21 after clicking OK.


I believe it is not impossible for there to be rounding errors when converting between the various time domains, but I don’t believe it will ever be more than one frame, which is hopefully an acceptable level of precision.

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