Setting for Snap to Zero Crossing


I am trying to slice up a tempo varying percussion take. I set

Snap to Zero Crossing - ON
Snap ON
Snap Type: Event.

When I move my scissors to slice at the shown points, it does not snap prefectly to the zero crossing and I can snap pretty close around it. How can I cut it perfectly at zero crossing that i visually see?

Thank you,


Works fine here with these settings I can’t cut anywhere other than exactly on a zero crossing…is there any processing (timestretch or warping) on the audio file? the project a fixed tempo? Does the problem persist with a different piece of audio or in a new empty project??

Unfortunately. Yes. I just created a new project added a loop from loop browser. I can cut anywhere.

Not being sarcastic or funny, but as mathematicians say: I can cut anywhere around the zero crossing from -epsilon to +epsilon ( as in calculus) , for any positive epsilon!

Any idea why I have this issue please?