Setting headphones as output

Hi. I’ve been playing for years but never recorded a note. Decided to buy cubase, not enjoying the experience so far. Apologies that my 1st post is a question but I can’t seem to set my headphones as the main output. The interface is an M-AUdio m track 2x2M but when I go into VST connections it doesn’t seem to list my headphones on the output tab. I can hear through them on the input signal though.

Can anybody help out the newest idiot in the village please?

the M-Audio headphones would usually mirror the main monitor outs, they are not a separate set of vst connections.

So assuming you are plugged into the M-Audio and don’t hear yourself, it must be a setting on the M-Audio…if you hear input but no playback I’d guess you have the USB/Direct Blend set all the way to input.

Yep. That likely the issue.

Even with Steinberg UR824, the headphone outputs are not available in VST connections a outputs. But they can be used as separate cue mix outputs/mixes via the Control Room. I just finally got around to using the Control Room feature. I must say it is quite nice.

You also have to set the preview out to phone out in preferences to audition something

When there is no dedicated Phones VST-output, and the phones signal is a mirrored main out signal, then you should not do that.