Setting Left and Right Locators with a new key command (MAC)


I am on Mac and I’m trying to change a key command, but i can’t find the way in the key commands preferences. The default setting for setting the locators is:

Right Locator (Command + Click)
Left Locator (Option + Click)

I would like to switch this around so that it is as follows

Right Locator (Option + Click)
Left Locator (Command + Click)

I can’t find a way to do it in the key commands preferences, the reason why i want to do it is because i switched from PC to Mac and I changed the Macbook keyboard settings on the mac so that the Command key is actually the option key and the option key the command key, since i am used to a windows keyboard and i want to be the same as if i was working on a PC while using the macbook keyboard

And if anyone knows any other way to set the left and right locators without using command or option + click let me know, but it won’t be solved until i figure out how to change the actual key command

Thanks in advance

PS: if anyone can tell me another way to set up the left and right locators with another method i would like to know as well. I know i can set the left and right locators around a loop by pressing the P key, but i want to know if there is another way to set them anywhere i want in the project using a different method. But my issue won’t be solved until i can find how to assign the command i want…


I’m afraid these are not Key Commands in common sense. These are more modifiers. In the Preferences, you can change some modifiers, but not these.

There are several other options. There are dedicated Key Commands to set Left Locator to the Selection, or to the cursor position; same of the right Locator. You can also click with the Alt modifier to the Transport panel.