Setting Level Meters Colors

I was always in impression that there is only two level meters color to play with.
But I red article in sound on sound about setting meters and it says that there suppose to be four of them.
I try to divide them by pressing crtl or shift but all I end up with was one color only…
Do you guys know anything about four colors of level meters?

You have to ‘Alt’ + click in the area between the color-markers. You can add as many markers as you want.

THNX!!! :mrgreen:

I was just playing with this the other day. I was surprised to find that the fader and the meter levels do not match up.

If you have your fader set to 0.00db and the meter level is lighting up even with the line on the fader, that is actually -6db.

I set the colors so it would be green until it gets above -6db then it changes to yellow and anything above 0.0db is red.

I had one track that was lighting up green until it was even with the line on the fader (set to 0.00db) and then anything above that was yellow.

In cubase 6 elements they don’t give you the big meters on top of the mixer so you have to use the ones next to the faders.