Setting location for recorded audio

My general process is

open one of my own templates

Back it up and save it in another folder with the track name

Then record vocals into that session

My problem is the recorded vocals dont end up in folder (the folder I made where I backup ed ed the project, I make a back up as it puts the ‘Audio’ and ‘Images’ folders in the folder I made for this track, but it doesn’t set it to received the recorded vocals, it saves them somewhere else)

Can anyone help


Use different procedure:

  1. Open the Steinberg Hub.
  2. Choose More tab on the right side.
  3. Click /once) on the template, you want to use.
  4. Focus on bottom of the window.
  5. In the field, where is the icon of the folder, set the path, you want to use.
  6. In the Project Foldr field, write the nam’me of the folder (I’m using the same name, as the project).
  7. Click on the Create button.

Cubase will create new folder for you. Now, once you record any audio track, the track will be saved into the correct folder.

Terms to Back up – there are two possibilities: you can leave opens the old project, or you can open the new one project, from the backup. There is the problem, probably.


Thank You!!!