Setting Marker track to linear timebase problem


Hopefully this is a simple enquiry someone can help me with. I am wanting to set my marker track to linear timebase but the option doesn’t seem to be there.

For other tracks the toggle button appears in the side panel when the track is highlighted. With the marker track it doesnt.

I have gone into Track Control settings for the marker track and made sure that toggle time base is in the visible controls list - but still no luck.

I am guessing there is a simple solution to this - but for the moment it has me stumped.



Have you tried dragging the track a bit bigger (vertically)?

Yeah…you need to set it in the track list…not in the inspector which I think is where you’re trying to do it.

Strophoid, Grim,

Doh! I’ve been enlarging the panel on the left looking for it - you are, of course right.

Thank you for setting me straight - and doing it gently without pointing out to me how dim I am.


Definitely not dim. Easy to miss if you’re not used to the program. You could put in for a feature change request that the button also be included in the Inspector.
There are dimmer people who would have harangued Steinberg for weeks over a minor foible like this one.

And i’m blind apparently…where is the track list in CB 8.x

never mind my timebase and lock symbol where hidden in the track view settings…ugh