Setting MIDI/instrument tracks to respond only to channel1 incoming MIDI

I’ve set my keyboard controller to be split - with the bottom octave sending out on channel 16 and the rest channel 1 (same port )
How can I set up Cubase 10 so that when I highlight any instrument or MIDI track - the bottom notes on channel 16 don’t trigger the instrument?

I want to set up the bottom octave on ch 16 to control the Cubase chord pads

Interestingly I verified in Ableton that my controller ( KOMPLETE KONTROL 88 ) WAS actually sending out notes on ch16 for the lowest octave and 1 for the rest by use of a MIDI monitoring effect plugin.

However when I used the MIDI monitor utility as an insert in Cubase in a channel it displays MIDI Channel 1 for the notes REGARDLESS of whether im playing a note on ch16 or ch1 from the keyboard.


Use Input Transformer (Cubase Pro only):

Filter Target:
Channel | Unequal | 1


  • empty -

Function: Filter

Don’t forget to switch the Module 1 on.