Setting Midi Length to Notes

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there was a fast way to set the Midi length of the notes to match the notes exactly with a Key Command, Instead of having to edit each Midi note length manually?

Disable the program setting “Replay-Record-Keep Note Positions” and use the menu function “Edit-Requantize” for a note selection

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Thanks for the response.
Yes, I’m not sure how to reach these settings, is there an article or a reference in the manual for your solution please? I don’t think I was very clear… If you check the screenshot you’ll find that the recorded midi was way off so when played they will not sound the same as the notation. If your solution gives the option to record the midi to be automatically quantized to the notation, then this issue for me would be solved. even to quantize the MIDI not the Notes. Thanks again for your response.

Try it.

Alternatively, you can also deactivate the corresponding properties of a note selection.

Play menu > Reset Playback Overrides will remove all note length adjustments.

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Perfect! Thanks Ben! :pray:t2::notes:

Thanks dear but I needed quantization for midi not notation. Thanks a lot though! :pray:t2:

In this context, in Dorico, “midi” and “notes” are the same.
Play menu > Reset Playback Overrides will remove also all (recorded) note velocity deviations.

Actually no, because when i come to quantize the notes the midi(notes being played) remain the same.
I’m working with note performer so the velocity and all that midi data doesn’t really matter as i van insert the dynamics on the score.

In Dorico, this only applies (to a limited extent) if you enable/keep the playback deviations or do not reset them.
Otherwise, the played note length corresponds to the displayed note length (influenced by the corresponding active playback options).

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