Setting midi notes to specific midi channels


Is there a way to tell a specific midi note to trigger the same note but in a different midi channel? I’d like to map out each note within an octave to different midi channels.


That would be nice.
In Logic Pro, there is the Environment, and we used to had little machinery you could build
to route and control MIDI in a ton of ways, including this one. A simple one input - 8 or more outputs,
with an internal logic that could route MIDI info depending on pitch.

I doubt Nuendo will have this sort of MIDI environment.

You can always, after recording, split the performance into 8 channels. And take out everything
in each channel except the notes you want routed through there. but of a pain.

If you could route your input to 8 of these Input Transformers, you could filter out everything on each one except what you need to go to the track.


not an option I’m afraid. each external channel corresponds to one sound only. =)

I’ve solved it.

Well, hopefully, you can share how you solved this issue. Thanks.