Setting MIDI velocity for chords in the Controller Lane area

Hello there
I am looking for a method which would allow me to set the midi velocity of chord notes separately in the controller lane. It quite often happens that I would like to adjust velocities with the Pencil Tool, but I can not select the velocity column for an individual note in a chord. (as the velocity columns are on top of each other.)
Now, I am aware of the info line and the Shift+click on the note itself, but both require to move the mouse pointer out of the Controller Lane area, which is not optimal.
I would really like to see something like Logic has for example, where the velocity columns have little handling points, which makes it easy to grab them individually. (see the attached screenshot)
Is there any workaround for this problem, or can it make it to be a feature request?
Logic Midi velocity

Sorry, poor reading comprehension, you knew about the shift+click.