Setting Multiple Channels to Groups

I’m not sure if something has changed but could someone please tell me how to set multiple channels to a group all at the same time. In Cubase 6.5 I used to select the tracks holding down the shift key, then in the inspector I could choose which group I wanted them all to go to, but when I try this in Cubase 7 it sends the first track to the group I want and then every other track it sends to other groups???

I looked in the manual but could not find the answer, HELP !!!

Only some threads underneath yours that question was answered just yesterday…
But surely someone will look it up for you once more…

ALT + SHIFT and select the group output you want to route any audio (or VST) outputs to.

yes… same as in Pro Tools i think. (or is that just Alt?)

I do wish an agreed standard could be agreed between all the DAWs for simpe stuff…

Select all channels you want to route in the left-hand of the MixConsole (see below)
select multiple channels.PNG
Now hit the “Q-Link” button on the top of the MixConsole
Any operation carried out on the first channel will now be applied to every linked channel. This applies not only to routing, but to inserts, EQ, - any channel operation.
Q-Link is an amazingly useful feature