Setting multiple keys (scale) in one project -


I have been browsing here and through Youtube videos and found none who addresses this

My project changes key. Starts Gm, then switches to Cm, then back to Gm, and so forth.

How can I have the score to show this specification ?

As well as I can see - I can only set one scale for the entire project by using the Staff > Main > Display Transpose

Also - the key signatures provided in Symbols menu of the score UI only show Major keys.

I’m looking for the option to set:
Bars [0 ~ 15]: Gm ,
Bars [16 ~ 30]: Cm

Is that possible?

Well, it says major, but it makes no difference. Just choose the relative major key.

Haha yes I played around with those majors and it all came back to me!

I really appreciate the quick reply!