Setting note selection to the same pitch

Dear all,
Is there a way to set a selection of pitches (I’m talking a few hundred) to the same pitch?
Thanks a lot.

Welcome to the forum spicciolino,
Officially, no, not really.
One thing you could do, though, is

  1. Create a new unpitched percussion.
  2. Copy/Cut and paste all the material to the unpitched percussion instrument.
  3. Cut and paste it back.
  4. While the notes are still selected, use the usual shortcuts to move them to whatever pitch you like.
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Couldn’t you turn on Lock Duration and hold down the letter key you wanted? Pretty zippy.

That’ll work if the selection is consecutive.
If they’re not consecutive my method should work, but you’ll need to turn on Quord mode (Q) when pasting back to the source stave or you’ll erase the pitches in between.

Thanks for your welcoming replies! @pianoleo and @DanKreider! I am very happy that I abandoned the Finlandia software for Dorico, but I realise that there is a long way to go to be fully conversant again. Obviously I still expect some things to work in the same way as I am used to.

@pianoleo’s workaround works just fine, of course.

Intuitively, I had already tried @DanKreider’s suggestion on a couple of consecutive bars - selecting the first note, Shift+N, extending the caret, Lock Duration and then hitting a letter key - but to no avail.

Not quite right. 1) Select all the notes, 2) Press Enter, 3) Press L

Thanks @Janus - but at least here this still does not change all notes in the selection at once, i.e. without stepping through each individual note, which was the question.

Agreed, but holding down a single key is hardly a chore.

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Well, @janus, see above, my original post said:

“I’m talking a few hundred”.

Of course, I am through this in the meantime, np.
Was just thinking there must be an easier way.