Setting position order of playing techniques

Please let me know if I’ve missed an option for this. I have a project which uses playing techniques fairly extensively, often with multiple techniques attached to one note. My understanding had been that the general rule was that the first technique you enter is positioned closest to the note, then the next one is the next closest, etc, but I’m finding with two specific symbols (the open harmonic circle U+E614 and the fingernail pizzicato U+E636) that these will reverse themselves as the music respaces itself, placing the harmonic circle above the fingernail pizzicato instead of below it, which is undesirable to me. Whether this happens or not seems to be dependent on where the note is relative to the stave, but my preference would be for the harmonic symbol to always be closer to the notehead than any other symbols & I’m not sure how to set this.

I have noticed the same occasionally happening with two other symbols (up-bow U+E612 and bow behind bridge on one string U+E627) and imagine it could be happening across the board with all playing techniques.

There is not a specific stacking order for playing techniques. I believe they will end up being stacked in the order in which they were added to the score, but because it’s not a fixed order, I can certainly imagine that there are edits that could cause the order to change. We’ll need to think about how best to address this. We are planning to return to the area of playing techniques in the relatively near future and this will be something for us to take into consideration when we do.

I do think stacking techniques in order of addition would work fine if it was a fixed order, but yes. Thanks for taking this into consideration.

I feel like selecting a PT in a stack and using Alt-up/down in Write mode to change its position would be a great solution, down the road.

An Engraving Mode option to set the vertical stacking ordering of Playing Techniques would be most useful, and especially practical for music with a lot of extended techniques. To leave it to just the order of addition would cause - I believe - many extra edits after the fact, but if one could easily move the them up or down as Dan suggested then that could work too.

I write in this topic, so as not to create unnecessary.

I created my own playing techniques. However, they are located randomly on the panel. It is very difficult to quickly find the necessary technique. Techniques dialog box, they are sorted alphabetically. Occasionally sorting of playing techniques is changed on the panel, which makes even more inconveniences. If I add even more techniques, it will be even more difficult to find the necessary techniques.

Dear developers, a big request to you: please fix this trouble by adding sorting techniques. All users Dorico will work nicely.
Thanks for understanding!
Dorico - Sorting Playing (1.59 MB)

To the best of my knowledge we have already improved this ahead of our next release: although you cannot determine a custom order of techniques (which is something we would like to add in future, certainly) you will at least find that the order is stable and reliable.

Okay, Daniel. I hope that the location of the performance techniques will not change. The big request to you, please take note of the implementation of the management of the ordering techniques.
Thank you very much!

Hello, I would like to underscore that the implementation of a way to efficiently manage the order of Playing Techniques would be of great help. Thank you!

Hi Sebastian, happily in the intervening time my colleagues did indeed add the ability to control the vertical stacking of playing techniques (currently just in relation to other playing techniques, but for other notations like octave lines, slurs, and tuplet brackets there is a separate tucking index options).