Setting project duration changes back

Hi guys,
What is going on here? I have a project that is a total of 8:40 but the last 3 or so mins are not part of the project but just some tests of vocal harmonies and other odds and ends. When I play the project from the beginning I want it to stop when it reaches 05.00.00 mins rather than 08.00.00 so I went into the PROJECT menu and then to PROJECT SETUP and changed the PROJECT DURATION to 05.00.00. When I do this, any music content after the 5 mins is gone…just what I want. I save the project. However every time I go back into the project or even just stop and start it a few times or do an edit, it ends up back at 8 mins rather than the 5 min project that I just saved. Does anyone know why this happens?

Should I just delete the data after the 5 min. mark or am I doing something incorrectly?

Thank you in advance

But it’s not gone it is just beyond the Timeline endpoint, so when Cubase saves the Project it notices there is data later on the Timeline after the Project end. Rather than delete that data Cubase increases the Project Length to accommodate it. The idea is Cubase doesn’t know one way or the other if you want that data to be deleted. So it errs on the side of caution and increases the Project Length rather than deleting the data whenever it finds anything beyond the ‘end’ of the Project. Leaving that decision to you.

Yup, and then shorten the Project Length if you like because it won’t automatically shorten.

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I wonder why those would be the only two logical options. I can see a third solution where data beyond the project end is treated similarly to the way MIDI events are in a shortened part—it exists but is not played back.

Hmm well in that case what if I just mute the data beyond the 5 min mark? Would it still attempt to play? I guess it would as it does play over muted data in the main project.
Thanks guys for the reply. It drives me nuts how man times I’ve shorted the length of the project to 5 min. and then before I know it, it’s back to over 8 mins. The weird things is that I don’t know when this occurs. I don’t know if its something I’m doing to make it go back to 8 mins or if Cusebase is simple looking at the data beyond the 5 mins and increasing the length of the project.

I guess I could move the data onto a new track within the 5 min project but mute it so I still have the data, right?

What I do is liberally use the Save As… function over the lifetime of a Project to capture a copy of the Project in a specific state. I always append a description of the variant onto the filename. So for your situation ProjName - prior to deleting crap at end.cpr

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Thanks. That will work. I just couldn’t understand why it worked for a while but then when I revisited the project after leaving the PC on that it would revert back to the 8 min project.
This is a workaround I can live with.
Thank you.