Setting "Stopping finger position" to be "above" and "bellow" note-head (in properties)

In classical guitar scores it is common to use a lot of fingerings. So it is very common to place fingers above or below notehead to save horizontal space. Example:

In Dorico unfortunately there are only 3 options:
“on the left” “on the right” and “out of staff”.
So you have to adjust manually (in engrave mode) a lot of stopping fingers’ positions, otherwise more needless pages are added to the score.
I think it is important to have (at least) the “above notehead” option. And even better to have the “below notehead” option also.
In a page full of fingered arpeggios, Dorico placed one bar per system. By placing fingers above notes I managed to have two bars per system without collisions. It is time consuming. If I had the option to select multiple fingers and change the property to “above notehead” that would be a very easy task

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Never occurred to me… Great idea!


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Yes, good option to have!

By the way, you may want to use the String Indicators in the Properties panel. Using the ones from the Symbols panel always seem to large (to me). When I use the ones from the Symbols, I find I have to scale it down.

Do I get 2 points for :grinning recognizing the Chaconne? :grinning:

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Yes, you get 2 points! :clap: :grinning:

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I found out that it is quite easy to move a single finger number (e.g. above a notehead. Select the number in Engrave mode and press ctr+alt+up arrow ->ctr+alt+right arrow).
Most of the time that actions move the number to the correct position.
Although, the capability of selecting multiple fingers and moving them above or below a notehead could only be done by changing the properties value to “above” or “below”, so every number is automatically aligned according to Engraving Options settings :wink: