Setting Tempo of Lead-In Click Track

I searched all throughout the forums before posting, so if this is a recurring or dumb topic, I apologize.

I have no issues setting the tempo of the click track in Cubase AI5, but it always gives me the same four-count in only one tempo before tracking begins.

For example, if I set the click track for a higher speed, it starts off thus:
Blip…Blip…Blip…Blip…[Recording Starts].blip…blip…blip…blip…blip…blip etc.

How do I set the tempo of the LEAD-IN click so it matches tempo with the rest? Very frustrating to deal with and that’s why my software and CI-2 module have been left untouched for over a year. Looking to try it again and start making progress on building my own demo song ideas. Thanks.

Look in Metronome Setup for the precount options.

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll check it out.