Setting the input channel to a midi track in Cubase Elements

I got my external keyboard connected to Cubase ELEMENTS 8, which plays Drums on Channel 10, Bass on Channel 9 etc.

The problem is in Cubase I got several tracks that I need to record from the external keyboard. So I need one track from the input of channel 10, another track from the input of channel 9.

What happens at the moment is inputs from all the channels are record in all the tracks.

Reading thru the forum posts, found suggestions to use ‘Midi transformer’, some say it is not available in Cubase elements (I too can’t see it, so may be it is not available)

I know I can record everything in one track and may be split it to multiple channels.

Any help to enable ‘Midi Transformer’ (if it is available) would be great. Otherwise what would be the best way to do this please.

Your expertise advice is highly appreciated.

The midi channels you select in Cubase are output channels to your external gear or VSTis. They have nothing to do with inputs unfortunately.

The quickest way to do this is to record your entire keyboard song to one midi track in Cubase. (Like you mentioned)

Select the MIDI part/event, click on the MIDI menu and select “Dissolve Part”. Make sure the “Separate Channels” option is selected and click OK. Cubase should now create new MIDI tracks with all instruments in separate parts.

If this option is not available in Elements 8, your only option is to solo each keyboard part and record them one at a time.