Setting to change the direction of Shift + scroll


During my year and a half of using the awesomeness that is Dorico intensly, I have created a list of the things that I have found the most hindering for my user experience. Now that the new update is approaching, I decided to make separate posts about all of these. I tried to search for the forum for the same posts and for these I didn’t immediately find any.

Let’s start with a simple one: Presently shift + scroll moves the screen sideways in the opposite direction compared to Cubase. As far as I know neither application allows the user to change this, and this is endlessly confusing when using both applications at the same time.

Please, could you be better than the Cubase team and add an option to reverse the direction of Shift + scroll?


No doubt the Team appreciates hearing from users on their needs and will take note of your post. However…

  1. With only a month or so to go before a likely upgrade release, your suggestion may not make it into the next version. Most changes (along with beta testing and the like) require considerable lead time.
  2. Nothing is “simple.” Every change is akin to throwing a stone into a pond: it creates ripples that have to be accounted for.
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I don’t have any expectations for when if ever these things are added. But I decided to rather voice my thoughts now than to wait.