Setting to Disable Mouse Wheel for Parameter Value Changes

I’d like a setting to disable the mouse wheel so it doesn’t change parameters and faders.

Sometimes you scroll through a list or you scroll up in a long MixerConsole window and your mouse suddenly rests on a parameter or fader, scrolling the wheel then makes the fader move, instead of scrolling up the window.

As changing parameters with the mouse wheel is super imprecise I’d really like to disable it alltogether, focusing the mouse wheel what it was intended to do: scrolling through long windows.

One can still change parameters by holding down the mouse button and then moving the mouse up and down. This is good because it’s a deliberate action and WANTED. And it doesn’t happen accidentally like with the mouse wheel. It’s driving me nuts and I’ve seen similar complaints and feature requests in Cubase and WaveLab forums. Please Steinberg, disable the mouse wheel already!

+1 This is also driving me mad. Shame on you Steinberg!

I see this is still around. This is driving me mad on a daily basis. I would really like to see the mouse wheel getting disabled in a coming update!

+1 please!!!

I use it to change values in the List editor, so an option to disable would be better for me than a permanant disable.

Hi Guys,
Is this what you mean?

hey wheels. no, unfortunately it’s not. the option you point out is so clip volume or clip fades could be adjusted with the mouse wheel.

but the problem is the duality of the scroll wheel. the scroll wheel of the mouse, for one, scrolls windows. it scrolls the arrange window, it scrolls in the mixer when you have lots of channels, it scrolls within the inspector if that is very long and all the elements are open.

the thing is that on the other hand the scroll wheel also adjusts settings. it moves the fader for example and there are other active areas where the scroll wheel adjusts stuff.

so now, when you are in the inspector for example, and you scroll down to look at something, and then want to scroll up again, if your mouse happens to stop over the fader, INSTEAD of scrolling up again as you would expect, it suddenly starts moving the fader up and down. so i constantly need to think, OH, where was that fader’s position? reset the position, move the mouse out of the fader and then scroll up. it’s a mine field where you constantly have to watch out where you turn your mouse wheel.

i think the mouse wheel is for scrolling in windows! THAT’S IT! everybody has their mouse speed differently and you cannot do precise changes with it on a fader where the value jumps 2-3dB for me per mouse wheel click. it’s totally useless and is a source for constant errors and time spent re-adjusting values and looking for errors. oh, did I accidentally change a value here? why does it sound so weird. oh I didn’t realize I moved the fader again.

and this happens all the time everywhere, because the mouse wheel adjusts settings instead of just doing what it is supposed to do. scroll wheel = scrolling!

Well said!!
Need to be fixed!!

Amazingly, considering all the scrolling I do over (sometimes) 4 monitors, I just ran into this yesterday. A very nice feature that PT has that Nuendo doesn’t have yet is that undo’s actually move faders and mutes etc back to their original position.

I love to be able to adjust settings with the mouse wheel. But i do agree 100% with the issues it causes when scrolling.

It should be an option or preference setting. I use the mouse wheel on faders all the time, in fact excusively.
I only wish it wheeled in even 1 dB increments, with Ctrl and/or Shift key modifiers for fine adjustments. Like it does presently over the Clip Volume parameters.

Nuendo is great,

Yes, this needs to be fixed.

I second this option too! :bulb:

It is much too easy to modify a parameter especially with Cubase Pro 9 and its new dual windows with the editing pane and the mixer pane.

The ideal option would activate wheel modification with a control key …


Edit: Sorry I see I am in Nuendo forum, but it applies to Cubase too …

Helllooou! Will this be fixed in Cubase 15? Will take 10 years if speed is 0.5 version per year.