Setting Track Meter Display Type?

Hi Guys

I’m new to Nuendo and I’m wondering if I can set track meters display to K-system.

I know master meter in Control Room can be set to K-System but I haven’t found a way to set all channel and bus meters in mix console window as K-14 K20 etc.

Thanks and cheers.

Don’t think so. You can color code them so that different colors appear at different levels. You can also change the fallback time of the meter to what a VU meter has, but of course the rise-time still is fast. I’m pulling this from memory, but I think this is correct.

Out of curiosity, why do you want it for individual tracks. Honestly: It’s been a long time i’ve learned/read about Bob Katz-system but mostly remember it is for creating the right type of loudness when looking at master fader meters…
For audio tracks i don’t really understand the usage… but maybe i forgot :slight_smile:



The K-System is for your MIXES. Not for individual tracks. That is why it is not available for those tracks, only for your monitoring.


Thank you guys for the answers.

I’m mastering some huge live albums with a lot of single mixes and I need the individual tracks to show K-system meters for convenience purposes. In Pro Tools I can do this by a mouse click so I guess I’ll use Pro Tools instead.

Well, if the tracks are lined up so they play at the same time then you can use plugins I guess. I wouldn’t have thought that was the process, but if it is.

If the tracks are lined up sequentially then you don’t need the level on the meters and can simply use the main out meter (or again, a plugin).

And speaking of plugins - I would think any plugin that measures using the K-system could be run offline rather than realtime which would be a time saver as well as give you the level for the respective tracks.