Setting ultranova as a instrument

Does anyone know how to set up the ultranova syntheszer in cubase 8. I have the editor working in the plug in section but have no sound from this. I can use the keyboard as a controller in other tracks. Just carnt use the patches from the ultra in my tracks. can anyone help please.

First you have to asdign in DEVICES - MIDI DEVICE MANAGER a New Device calles UltraNova, Then assign UltraNova to a MIDI port.

After that you have to connect your synth to some free input ports of you audio interface, and then you go to VST Connections - External Instrument and assign those audio inputs to the MIDI instrument configured earlier at the MIDI Device Manager.

After this procedure you can use your synth just like an instrument, lets say in an Instrument track or via VST instruments (F11). Only works on the great version of Cubase.

Hope this helps.