setting up a monitoring mix on Yamaha N8 problem

Hi, Can anyone explain in simple language for this idiot how to set up so I can record a vox onto a C7 track whilst listening to C7 playback and be able to adjust the volume of the vox in the monitor mix without effecting the record level going to C7 track …just got the Yamaha N8 and love it (reverb is awesome for monitoring) but am useless at this kinda stuff.

I have the manual and keep following it but never end up with what I want…must be missing something (a brain probably)

dunno why they don’t do bullet point instructions where you just can’t go wrong…any help mucho apreciated…

thanks, Kevin

Aloha s,
and no. If you are here asking questions, you definitely have a brain.

Try this for starters. I use an n12 but should be the same info for the n8.

And also here is a forum on the gearslutzs site where many n12/8 users hang.
It is quite a long thread but just go to the end and jump in and ask your questions.
The guys there are pretty friendly and helpful.

Also keep in mind the yamy folks have already warned us that
the n12-8 drivers may not be receiving any more updates.

That’s another reason we all hang together. For support.

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks for the help curteye…much apreciated…Kevin