Setting Up a Roland A-33 Midi keyboard


I am trying to setup my A-33 keyboard as a midi device within Cubase LE 5. Is there an import file I can use to do this or do I have to actually do it from scratch?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:,

Blue Crescentmoon

If there is any kind of template, it would be on the downloads portion of the Roland website. Cubase doesn’t include any kind of template for your keyboard from what I can see.

blue: This is how I do my Roland D-50 keyboard

  1. Start a project
    2 Go to Devices
  2. Midi Device Manager

Click Here

Note: If you don’t see the Roland A-33 on the List for install
go up to the top — double Left Click on “DEFINE NEW” and add the Roland A-33 there. :wink: