Setting up a template for tablet and printing


Another quick question relating to creating different layouts for printing and tablet use.

I’ve set up different layouts for the same music to be displayed via the different mediums, different space sizes and margins etc. This is all working great, apart from the fact that, to know which version I’m working on, I’ve had to name them differently in the layouts list (the P(rint) version and the T(ablet) version, as per the pic.)

This obviously leads to the problem where the {@layoutname@} token has the bracketed letter in it…

Anybody have a tip, if you’re dealing with a similar sort of thing as to how you go about it, without resorting to 2 different projects for the 2 types of layouts?



I think I’d replace {@layoutname@} with {@stafflabelsfull@} in the Part Master Pages. If you’re using the default master pages, that should just be the top left corner of the First Master Page and the running header on the Default Master Page.

That way you can call your layouts whatever you like.

{@playernames@} or {@playerlist@} could work as well, as long as the players are set up in the sensible way that I think they are. However, depending on how much the “T” and “P” parts eventually diverge from each other, I might advocate for just keeping the distinction in the layout name so everyone can see at a glance which version they’re looking at, regardless of whether it’s on screen or on paper. Version control is enough of a pain as it is…

Thanks both for succinct and typically great answers. I forgot about the player and staffnames tokens, those would be perfect…

As far as the versioning goes, I see your reasoning but literally the only differences between them would be margins and space size, and the print versions would never exist in pdf format…

Thanks again.


I use a much simpler approach for print and tablet and get acceptable results. I only create print layouts (A4).
For tablet layout I set scale factor to 105% - 110% before exporting the PDF.

Here a PDF with “fit to paper” for printing:

Print.pdf (64.1 KB)

Here the PDF at 105%:

Tablet.pdf (64.3 KB)

In ForScore (which I use on my iPad) I set the display option to fit the width of the page.

Here the displayed result on my iPad:

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Looks great, I use Mobile sheets pro and it crops too but the aspect ratio of A4 makes it have quite a big space at the bottom. I’ve set up a custom page in Dorico with the correct ratio and it sorts it. Not sure there’s a way in my app to choose a custom way to crop…

Cheers for the answer though.