Setting up a touch-screen with Cubase


I got a touch screen, hoping to be able to use it with Cubase, so now I have my old one and the touch one.

When I move my finger on the touch, the cursor is moving on the regular one and it also does a drag operation when I just want to move it.

Is there any way to adjust this for desired behavior?

Many thanks!


on 2nd thought, the drag operation makes sense, but why is it not shown on the touchscreen?


As you have both screens connected, have you set them up as extended desktop or as clones? Try switching this…

Also, touch screens are not supported right now, so it might work, or not… At my daytime job we ran onto an issue last week, where a user was running our software on a(n unsupported) touch screen, which caused severe GUI issues if the user zoomed by using the touch screen.

Btw, please add a signature listing your hard- and software combo, this helps the community to provide you advise much better…

Good luck!

HA! Works PERFECTLY! I had to change the touch screen to be the main one. That is all