Setting up an external VST plug-in (JV1010) in Cubase 5

Hi everyone.

Moderately experienced Cubase 5 user new to MIDI. I have set up my microkorg as a MIDI controller and successfully recorded sound via softsynth VSTs. However, I want to use my Roland JV1010’s sound and connect the unit as an external plug-in.

I set up the 1010 as an External Instrument in Device Setup, and installed the JV1010 in the MIDI Device Manager, but when I go to “edit instruments”, the JV1010’s panel only has “delay” and “return gain”. How do I view all the tweakable parameters and patches for the 1010 in Cubase, like I would in Sound Diver? To my knowledge, installing the JV1010 in the MIDI Device Manager should load the script file for the JV1010, right? If not, what EXACTLY is the MIDI Device Manager for?

I also can’t get any sound output from the JV1010 when I add an instrument track. I have my microkorg’s MIDI OUT into recording interface (Saffire PRO 40) MIDI IN, and interface’s MIDI OUT going to the JV1010’s MIDI IN. Is this correct? I know when just using the microkorg as a MIDI controller, I hook up the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT of the microkorg into the interface and the microkorg lights up different, but will still send MIDI signals if done with only MIDI OUT. Or do I want to record the MIDI first then apply the JV1010 external plug-ins after and have the MIDI INs and OUTs of each device completely connected to the recording interface?

Also, in External Instruments in VST Connections, what is the Return Bus for the JV1010 and why does it default to SPDIF L & R. Do I need this? Sorry, again, total noobie on MIDI.

I have Roland jv1010 ( great sound!).
Plus cubase element 7, which allso has the midi
device manager.
Basically with midi device manger is for
controlling external midi device via midi
It allows your connected midi device, in
this case JV1010, to control and access programs ( path’es)
and performance via device manager with midi
channel, volume, pan and pitch ( semitones ,

However, its not possible to access further
parametre / options like the build-in
sampled waveforms or envelopes, lfo’s etc…,

To access these many paremetre, you’ve
need Sound diver or similar software to
fully control JV1010.

I’m not using JV1010 anymore ( still have it!).
I used to connect JV1010 via midi to device manager
and connected my mother keyboard via midi to
cubase /pc ( same as your doing with the
Micro controller!).

Did you forget to switch to “midi mode” on
your JV1010 ?, if not , JV1010 wont responds
to midi signal.
Let me explain, on the backside of your
JV1010, there is ( you properly allready know this!)
a switch, which has 3 switch modes :
" pc1, pc2, midi ".
The switch has to be in “midi mode”

ON, you have to turn off JV1010, to select
YOUR JV1010.

To access or modify the reverb / fx via
device manager, you can’t!

You need Sounddiver!.

Remember JV1010 can’t store any parametre
or performance, so if you changed or made
a new patch or performance setup, ones you
turn off JV1010 , all your newly created programs
will be lost, here again you’ve need sounddiver!.

Roland JV1010 still has that big sound, the
AD/DA converter are still powerfull and can make
fantastic sound.


I think your quite confused about the JV1010
as a external sound instrument. ( or maybe i am

You can only use and access the JV1010
via midi as a external sound module, which
offcourse comes from JV1010 via its analog
out from the backside.

JV1010 only has analog out.

Normally you would connect either JV1010
to an amplifier or a couple of studio monitor.
Or you could connect your JV1010 to you soundcard
via analog input on your soundcard, then route
the signal on your mixer in cubase or the soundcard
mixer software, if it has any!
Cubase can’t see you JV1010 as an audio instrument either in
the cubase mixer nor any other places.
Cubase only knows JV1010 through its midi
device manager, as a script made in XML.

What does Softsynth have to do with JV1010 ?.
You mix different things together, Softsynth
is a virtual instrument, JV1010 is a hardware midi
synthesizer and a sample playback module,
which connects to the outside world via midi.

You could have saved a lot of typing. Just sayin’, you know …

@ Scab: Actually, the topic you’re linking to was also started by me, and noone gave me as full of an answer as Henrik just did! It was not a waste of typing

@Henrik: Thank you! I know realize everything is working as it should, and if I want to edit, I need to edit in Sound Diver. I realize now I can still use that patch after it has been recorded in Cubase by saving any changes to the User banks, then accessing those user banks in the MIDI track the 1010 is associated with in Cubase. I have to go to a different program to edit, but I can still edit a 1010 patch and use it on an already recorded MIDI track in Cubase. That was goal! Thanks guys!

I’m aware of that. That’s why I provided the link - to make an attempt to steer others to that topic instead of duplicating information here and causing confusion.