Setting up and recording rock band on cubase 8

I need info on setting up cubase for my rock band we have a mixer connected to the interface (UR 12) we get sound on cubase the only problem is separating the audio instruments and linking them to a track for recording if anyone can give info or advice that would be awesome…

@mkilburn16 hello and welcome to the forum. Are you sending the instruments into cubase on separate tracks or as a stereo track? You stated you are going from the mixer to your audio interface to cubase, but didn’t specify how the signals are being routed.

Isn’t this audio interface only 2 channels/stereo? I understand that you route stereo signal from mixer to this interface. For recording different sources/instruments independently direct on separate tracks you need an interface with more inputs/channels and also mixer with separate outputs capabilities. You can’t do it with 2 channel audio interface and mixer which sends only stereo mix signal.

You can also consider having a mixer with multitrack recording / multiple channel interface capabilities. For live recordings I use Zoom L-12. This mixer can record tracks independently by its own or can be connected to computer and work as audio interface with multiple inputs.

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No I think Im doing it as stereo