Setting Up Aux Send/Return

I have read the manual but don’t understand it, so can someone please explain to me how I set up an aux return in Cubase? I want to patch in a reverb for my aux channel so I can route it to my group channels. I understand all about routing now, so thanks, just need to get this under my belt, and I’m all on top of it all. So thanks to all who contributed so far for the help with my routing question previously.

Pretty straight foward, which part didn’t you understand? Go through the tutorials.

As I explained if it was straightforward I would have got it, but I don’t. Sorry for my ignorance, and I DID read the manual, but its more gobbledook than straightforward. Basically I just need few pointers in how to set up the chain in my Cubase…Is that asking for much?

Like I said, the Getting Started section of the manual and the tutorials say everything there is to say. Your refusal to state a specific part you don’t understand makes one wonder if you have in fact done some research.

I don’t believe you have the option in LE versions (definitely not in LE1) to route a VST effect return. It’s only to the stereo master. That will be why it may not appear in the manuals.

65 Guitar: Watch this video.

ps: Hint

Use FX channel

  1. Project
    2.Add track
  3. configuation “Stereo”
  4. click the down arrow in the box
  5. scroll down to" Reverb-Room Works SE"
  6. on the Mix control turn it all the way to “100”
  7. Reverb time about 1.64 12 o’clock
    This will get you started watch the video above over and over for the rest.
    note: the video is cubase 5 but works with LE

This is what I do currently

Hope this helps

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Do you have the option to route the output of the effects track to a group in LE?

That’s what I understand the OP’s question to be.

I think your right Celtsound no you can’t with Cubase Le4

But just Activate The Reverb on the group channel track ( I still call them Submasters)
and individual tracks and send them to the FX TRACK. Do it in reverse

works for me

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