Setting up breaks

Hi, I need to keep the same figuration in the pauses as per manuscript.
4/4 time. It is an eighth note pause with a sixteenth note pause.

I’ve tried to configure with Shift-Ctrl-N but can’t change the pause on Dorico.

Maybe I’m wrong something, could you suggest me how to solve?

Thank you

Salve, ho necessità di mantenere la stessa figurazione nelle pause come da manoscritto.
Tempo di 4/4. Si tratta di una pausa di croma con pausa di semicroma.

Ho provato a configurare con Shift-Ctrl-N ma non riesco a cambiare la pausa su Dorico.

Forse sbaglio qualcosa, potreste suggerirmi come risolvere?


I don’t think there’s a Notation Option for this - the Notation Options in your screenshot are for compound meters (e.g. 6/8, 9/8, 12/8).

I think you’d need to select the existing dotted rest and type O (which will turn on Force Duration) and then type 5 (which will force it into an eighth and then automatically draw a 16th rest after).

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Thanks, it worked great …