Setting up busses in Pro 8

Hello, I’ve been using Pro 8 for a few months now, and am beginning to get into the business of setting up busses.

Well at least I think I am, the terminology is a bit confusing for a beginner like me.

Anyway, I have a little issue that I was hoping someone might be able to clarify for me. When I set up a group track for my drums and send all the individual elements to that track I’m finding that I can still hear the drums in the background when I mute that track.

This is having the effect that if, for instance, I want to put a filter across the entire drum part it doesn’t really work because the unfiltered drums are still audible, albeit quietly, in the background.

Just wondering what I’m doing wrong. I’m guessing I need to switch off the bit that’s still sending the drums to their original busses somewhere but I can’t say for sure. I’m just looking to have the entire drum part controllable by the one volume slider - at the moment even with the slider right down I can still hear them.

Any insight much appreciated.

If you set it up using sends from each drum track, do you still have the drum track routed to an output channel? If so, you are setting up the group track and the individual drum parts in parallel.

If you want to pass the outputs of the drum tracks through a single group track re-route the outputs of the drum tracks to the group track instead of using sends. Then route the output of the group track to your output channel. This way, any processing you apply to the group track will deliver the effect you are after and you won’t have any residual ‘dry’ drum tracks being passed to the output.

Brilliant - thanks for that, I wouldn’t have managed that on my own. Much appreciated.

Haha I knew this wouldn’t be easy… what I’m finding now is that if I solo any of the drum parts there’s no sound at all until I hit solo on the drum bus as well… a process that happened automatically when i just used sends. I am guessing I’m doing this in a completely cack-handed way but I have to learn somehow…

For me this goes automatically… when I solo a track that is routed to a group track and has sends to an FX group, all linked group channels are soloed too, creating a proper flow to let me hear the soloed track with all fx, through the group… when adding to a group or sending to an fx group while soloed, you will need to un-solo and solo again to get the new routing in solo too…

hope this helps

Soloing a track that is routed to a group should definitely solo the group as well.

Please explain how you are routing the tracks to the group…exactly where in Cubase are you selecting the destination group?

I routed the individual drum instruments to the drum bus via the top section of the mix console - “routing.” As I said, the instruments then refused to “go solo” and I was forced to hit solo on the drum bus channel as well. It wasn’t doing it automatically. I did try resetting all solo / mute states but it persisted in refusing to solo the bus with the instrument.

But I fixed it. And this will confuse everyone more than it confuses me. I fixed it by duplicating each drum part one by one and deleting the original “non-soloing” one. The new duplicated one works just fine. Automatically soloes the group when I hit solo.

I have no idea why it did this but I’ve made progress anyway. I’m routing stuff better (I think) and I have my soloing options back, more by luck than judgement.