Setting up clean audio track

Hi everyone,

Relatively new to Cubase, working with my son on music, loving it but coming up with a few issues we can’t seem to find explanations for or answers to via the manual. THis one seems unbelievably obvious and I’m sure it’s staring me in the face, which is why it’s so frustrating. So if someone doesn’t mind:

How can we set up a totally clean audio track? The way we’re doing it, Cubase sends us to the choice of pre-sets and anything we load will have some form of EQ or effects pre-loaded. Our workaround has been to disable those EQs and FX, but that’s a hassle.


Tony for Noel…

Can’t say I have this problem so I’m not sure where your issue is but what happens if you don’t select any of the options and simply click “Add Track”?

I don’t actually get prompted for any presets anyway but that maybe because I’ve never used them.


  1. Right click in the Track list.
  2. Click Add tack, Audio.
  3. Either click “Browse” to close all the options or just click “Add Track” at the bottom right without selecting any of the options…

If you’re creating tracks in a different way, let us know.

I am wondering if you are using the Hub to generate tracks? If so find to “more” and load “empty”. I always prefer to start with an empty arrange window and create tracks from scratch. Then as planarchist says, right click in track list and follow the prompts.

Also if you don’t already do this, select “Prompt for Project Location” and get in the habit of a dedicated folder for each project which contains all relevant files.

Another thing you may want to do is reduce the fader level of new tracks by 7 to 10db. Otherwise you are likely to be en route to running out of headroom. It has always been a feature of DAWS that they start with the faders “hot” - but it leads towards overloading and hence distortion at the master fader and a lack of general control. Hope some of this is useful to you.

Thank you! Both of you! The “Add audio track” option was opening with the Browse window open and we did not know it was as simple as being able to close that window! I knew it must be something obvious.

ALso, the setting up an “empty” song from the Hub option is a good one.

Tony and Noel.

It is a good place to start buy opening a new or empty project then make a template that is suits the type of recordings you make. Add all the tracks you would use but before recording anything save it. I have a number of different empty projects set up for different types or styles of songs to record. With these templates I can just start a new project that is ready to start recording.

Agree. When I do this I save the empty(ish) project as both a Project (.cpr) file & also as a Cubase Template