Setting up controllers - struggling here!

As some will know I have been developing a very large template 1300 tracks. This template contains many orchestral instrument libraries including Play, Kontakt, Halion etc.

Instruments from different libraries respond to different CCs. I am hoping that I can set up so that each track is ready to use, and my MIDI controllers are mapped to it.

I have two MIDI controllers a Nektar PI, and a M-Audio Oxygen (and a Roland 700NX digital piano). Both are set up to run in Cubase - I believe - that is they respond.

I was hoping to work so that one, or both of these had some faders or dials set up by default to respond to CC1, CC7, CC11 and other common CCs.

I tried doing this through Cubase quick controls - got nowhere.

Having waded through manuals and gone down various rabbit holes, I am so confused and am not even sure if this is possible.

This is not my favorite area of composing tech!

Can any one tell me the best Cubase specific method please?