Setting up Cubase 10 Pro

Hello everyone, We have recently invested in Cubase 10 Pro after years of using SE. We can find loads of tutorials regarding using the software to make music, but we can’t find any that help you to set the system up. i.e. someone has suggested we need an"interface" to make it work, is this correct and what is this. Previously we used a very small mixer desk Behringer XENYX502 for vocals, guitar input, and Roland JV1080 module for midi sounds. Our problem is we just can’t work out where we input these and what settings to change. Once we have it set up we will be up and running but right now, we’re pulling our hair out! Is there a Cubase for Dummies!


On the official Steinberg YouTube channel, there were Cubase 7 Quick Start video tutorials. The basics are still the same (just Devices menu he’s been renamed to Studio, same as Device Setup > Studio Setup and VST Connections has been renamed to Audio Connections).

You can find Install and Set up Cubase vide tutorial here.
And Connect Cubase video tutorial here.

Then you can continue in the series.