setting up Cubase 7 with Mackie Onyx 400f

Hello All,
I am New to the forum, and this issue might be known to some of you, and I hope to get help solving this easily.

I have been using an E-MU card With Cubase 5 until last week when my card died, and at the same time, I upgraded to CB7.

Now, when I am doing the Device Setup, I change from Generic Low Latency Asio Driver to my Onyx Asio Driver.
as soon as that switch is done, the sound from my system goes crazy.
There is a noise coming from all played sound, and it makes the system unusable.
It is a scraping noise, like blown amps or speakers.
However, changing back to the Generic Low Latency Asio Driver, brings back the normal noise-free sound.

This, of course, makes Cubase unusable, since it cannot be mapped in VST Connections, and thus I am stuck With either crappy sound, or no usage at the moment.

I am sure there is a solution to this that is probably emaressing to me, since I am quite skilled at computer Technology, but at the same time, I am quite the n00b using Cubase, so I feel I might be excused, no matter how simple the solution is.

Now, the card is installed With the latest driver from Mackie, which supports W7, and all other Applications sounds great, until I change the Asio settings in Cubase.

Anyone have an idea? I would really appreciate a feedback and a simple solution to my problem, thank you! :slight_smile:


Try upping the buffers for the soundcard, in the cards control panel!

Thank you for you tip, Split.
However, even when setting buffer to 1024, it is the same noise.

just to refine the explenation a little.
It sounds like a typical buffer issue, like losing signal on the phone really… picking up the Words said, but With chopped up sound that makes it sound like noise…

maybe not very good explained, but…

one step further now.

When I Close Cubase, the Audio is normal again.

so, if Cubase is open, audio in Youtube is distorted, and when closing cubase, the audio is Perfect.

does that help you help me? :wink:

The only other thing that comes to mind at the moment is a possible Firewire problem.

There are known incompatibilities with some firewire devices/cards, maybe worth exploring that!

Edit, just saw your post. what samplerate are you using and how big a project?


Try turning Off ASIO guard.

I just set the samplerate to 44,1 khz.

ASIO Guard?

I’m not on C7, but a lot of users have reported that asio guard causes them problems, it’s a new feature in C7, I have no idea where it is, probably under setup somewhere?

Yeah, found it, but didnt solve anything… :frowning:

Hmm… Out of Ideas for the moment :frowning:

I feel we are on to something, since the noise goes away when I Close Cubase.

This is very annoying… … :cry:

Have a look through the info in the useful info link in my sig. some helpful diagnostic stuff in there.

ok. will do. thank you.
if nothing Works, I’m just gonna try another soundcard, but what a shame, since this one Works fine on another computer With CB6.5


Yup… strange things happen

I will probably Call Steinberg Support tomorrow.
one step further, but no chance of success yet.

when Cubase is maximised, sound from outside cubase is fine
when I maximize cubase, the distortion comes back.

also, the soundoutput selected as default from Windows Control Panel is not available for selection in VST Connections, no matter which output I Select.
I must chose another output than the one that actually has sound on it!
I dont get this.

“when I maximize cubase, the distortion comes back.”

Could that be a graphics card issue?
What does DPCLat.exe tell you?

Have you tried disabling windows sound? Maybe Mackie’s rudimentary driver can’t deal with two clients.
Which reminds me- have you tried unchecking the “release ASIO in the background” box, in CB’s devices menu?