Setting up Cubase 9.5 Elements on Win7 Laptop

Please help! I am an experienced Windows user but a total novice to DAW and Cubase. Bought Elements 9.5 and installed on a HP Elitebook 850 G3 with built-in Conexant HD audio, downloaded and installed ASIO4ALL driver, but I cannot persuade ANY sound to get through the mixer to the Stereo Out bus. MIDI is recognized, I can see the piano scroll when I record from MIDI, I have set up a Halion Piano as channel 1, but… NO SOUND coming out, and no VU meter registering any sound on input. HELP! Please!


Double check Audio Connections > Outputs.

If you can’t see the VU meter even in the HALion Sonic SE track, open the plug-in > Mixer. Can you the VU meters here? Can you see MIDI icon blinking in HALion Sonic SE to indicated MIDI input signal?

So, I have double checked that the audio connections are going to HD Headphone. I see the HALion SE track VU meter, but it shows no activity. Pressing keys on the connected MIDI keyboard shows activity in the MIDI window at the bottom as well as in the little VST window toward the top right. Also, when I press the instrument edit button, bringing up the edit screen with its keyboard, pressing my MIDI keyboard keys shows the correpsonding keys on the onscreen keyboard pressing down. So, MIDI is getting through, but no sound is getting from the HALion SE even into its mixer track!


Is any sound selected in HALion Sonic SE?

I wonder you can see HD Headphone as an Output, when you are using ASIO4ALL. I would expect some ASIO4ALL output.

Thank you for your help! I am not sure what you mean by “any sound selected”. I think I have chosen a Piano sound, but do I have to do something more than go to that sound on the instrument editor?

When I open the Audio Connections tab, I only see HD Stereo outputs (1 and 2) and HD Headphone outputs (1 and 2), nothing else.

Martin, I realize that I had not selected a sound! Thank you for your help! Now I have to see if I can get any sound from my USB microphone… :slight_smile: