Setting up cubase - audio playback is being recorded

Hey there. Just got cubase 12 elements and i’m trying to set it up. I have an audio track playing and i need to record vocals over it but when i record, it’s recording the audio from the first instrumental track. Been trying to figure this out for a couple hours now and it’s pissing me off beyond belief. And i’m sure it’s something super simple too but i’m a noob. I’ve used older versions of cubase and never had this problem. All i could find online is something about loopback being on but i can’t find where to turn it off. Either that or i didn’t set up the inputs and outputs right. But i’ve tried everything there too. Playback is working and recorded vocals work but like i said, it’s recording the playback too. Please help a dumbass out. Thanks!

Ok, i think i figured that part out. There was a button on the actual mixer my mic is plugged into (not cubase mixer). But now i’m only hearing audio from the playback track and not the recorded track. I gotta figure this out.

Think i fixed it now. Proud of myself. Idiots can prevail.

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