Setting up Cubase LE 9.5


I’ve tried for 3 days straight now to set everything up. I have a M-Audio 88es Keyboard (88es), M-Audio M-Track 2x2m and a Blue Yeti PRO microphone (stereo + phantom).

I’ve looked through my settings and have selected my 2x2m as my ASIO Driver.

I have 2 issues:

  1. Cubase can pick up the MIDI signals from my keyboard but I don’t hear a single sound. I see that it’s picking up but I can’t hear anything from any device and I have looked up the output audio. I’ve assigned an instrument via Helio and made sure it’s on the same channel and all but no. No sound.

  2. I’m trying to make Cubase pick up my microphone, yet it doesn’t even pick any sound whatsoever up. I’ve tried mono and stereo. I’ve re-checked and check all input and output and I don’t see how it can be that. I have phantom power on since my microphone requires it yet nothing at all.

I really don’t know what to do and appreciate any help.

Hi and welcome,

  1. Use Instrument track instead of MIDI track.

  2. What Audio Device do you use? What is the setup of the Audio Connections?

I would recommend to watch these videos.

  1. I still can’t hear anything, it picks up the MIDI signals but no sound.

  2. I use my M-Audio M-Track 2x2M as my audio device and I’ve tried different audio connections with Stereo and Mono. Right now it’s just sat at Stereo for input and output.

I’ve checked the videos, which are great. But I still can’t hear any sound for my keyboard and Cubase doesn’t even pick up my microphone.


Provide some screenshots (Audio Connections; routing, etc.), please.

I got my sound to work and Cubase is now picking up my microphone, but I still can’t hear it while monitor is on or after recording and playing it back.
I can hear my keyboard and hear the keyboard on the playback but not the microphone.

If you can’t hear the mic while monitor is enabled or after recording what makes you say that Cubase is picking it up?
When is this happening? what are you seeing or hearing?

Have you set the track input to the correct channel?

And just to check the absolute basics. You’re using XLR to XLR to plug the mic into the front of the 2x2?

I assume it’s picking it up since I can see the levels beside the audiotrack and down to the left and it moves depending on if I talk into the mic or not. Also when I record, it will record an audio track that’s visible. So I assume my microphone is being picked up. If this is not correct then I don’t know. Before this wouldn’t happen but now I can see it being responsive and in my recording as well.

I suspect the output is wrong since I can’t hear it but I don’t know what I would set it to. Right now my input for my mic is stereo and so is output to my M-Track. I can hear the keyboard on my M-Track through Cubase.

Okay, my microphone is now working and I can hear it playing back. I didn’t change any settings or likewise, just turned monitoring off while playing back, sigh… :nerd:

However now my Cubase won’t pick up my keyboard :frowning: