Setting up Cubase with M1Le synth & NanoKEY

I’m really new at this - Just got Cubase (w/Lexicon Alpha recording studio) and Korg Nanokey. Was told this was great for beginners - whew, guess I’m pre-beginner cuz I’m lost.

Need help please getting my Korg NanoPad / M1Le program to sync up so I can use them with my Cubase. Can someone plz help me out? Thanks

Oh, forgot to add my system details:
Running Windows XP Home (SP-3), w/Pentium ® 4 CPU 3.00GHz 2.99 GHz, 2.25 gigs ram, on Dell Dimension 4700.

Update…did a little research and it helped a bit, but still ‘no cigar’. Got M1Le to show up…in Project>Add Instrument. But now can’t get nanoKey to work…and also ‘Record’ is not working, even though I am able to play the M1Le with the mouse.

Guess I need to do some more reading/researching. Think I’ll try a reboot…Any help - grateful!!!

Make sure that during your research you include the “Getting Started” document in the Help menu of Cubase, in particular the section on recording and editing MIDI.

In a nutshell, you’ll need to add an “Instrument” track. You’ll need to set the M1Le as the output of the instrument track (which you seem to have done already).

Since the Nanokey is a USB device, you should be able to select it from the drop down list in the Instrument track input. By default, this is set to All Midi Inputs, but if the Nanokey is not listed there then it’s quite possible that the driver has not istalled correctly on your system.

And for my own curiosity- did you get M1Le bundled with the Nanokey or was it a seperate purchase??

Thanks for response…
Yes, It came bundled w/nanoKEY.

I have solved that problem. I now have bigger problem. M1le crashes Cubase. Been researching this for hours and hours. Guess I’ll need to start a new topic.

Thx again.