Setting up DAW controllers to control Track Sends

Hello, I was hoping someone could help.
I am presently researching the best controllers to use to control Cubase Pro 10 / 11
The ideal DAW controller will simulate a hybrid mixer, for example.

Will be able to control 24 channels volume faders, plus mute / solo / rec buttons
but also will have a section that allows me to select a particular track, and then
control EQ settings, as well as several send settings for the track that is selected.

I presently have a really cheap Korg nanokontol 2 controller, which i have experimented with trying to use it to control various things.

In Mackie Control mode, this basic simple controller does work for its basic functions, as it was designed to be used.

However, one thing that i would really like to get to work, is to get any of the faders / rotary encoders to control several sends for the selected track, and if a different track is selected, i would like the same faders/encoders to them allow me to control the sends on the newly selected track.

I do not know if there is a controller on the market that does what I want.
I know there are quiet a few “tailor” your controller yourself controllers
or controllers that have just one rotary encoder, that can be used to control what ever you want.

However, i would prefer to have a DAW controller that is more fixed
i.e. banks of faders and buttons for basic channel control
plus an eq / comp controller
plus a bank of rotary encoders that i can used to control sends

I am am not sure as to how good the controllers on the market are at such jobs.
I am presently considering buying several controllers to use together.
For example. combining a behringer X - Touch Compact (and extender) to give me the faders, combined with a Softube Channel 1, that will give me control over EQs and compressors etc. Plus a Steinberg C121 which will give me the control for at least 4 sends.

All a bit elaborate though.
Any advice? would be appreciated.

Console1 Fader IN-DEPTH: The best multi-fader controller for Cubase? #console1 #cubase #controller - YouTube

I think the Softube controllers are very well thought out, looks like Dom seems to think so too. There is a chapter in the video about sends - check it out