Setting up different piano part layouts

I’m making an arrangement of a Salieri opera for only winds and piano. I’ve making two piano parts, one as part of a full score for playing in the orchestra and the other as a piano reduction for rehearsal. For the former, I need to make a score which omits the piano reduction. For the latter I need a layout which hides all the wind parts but displays the vocal lines. How do I set this up?

Set up every unique instrument on the left side of Setup mode. Then create two full score layouts, one for each of the scores you described, and name them descriptively. Then with the score selected, check the boxes on the left side to indicate which ones you want in that score layout.

I generally have one Master Score that includes everything (seen and unseen) and then generate conductor (full) score and piano/vocal (part) score from that.
With everything in the Master Score (which I don’t fuss over formatting) I make sure I will never lose any material by inadvertently deleting something in the wrong place. It also lets me compare, say, the rehearsal piano with the rest of the instruments in one layout. I can also show cues in this Master Score to proof them there.

I just find that suits my working habits.