Setting Up Empty Instrument Tracks in Cubase?

Hey everyone,

I am wondering if there’s a way to create empty instrument tracks. Usually, when I add a new instrument track, Cubase automatically assigns an instrument to it. Is there a trick to start with a completely blank slate, having “No VST Instrument” pre-selected for new tracks?

I do have a template with just empty instrument tracks (though I have named them properly to cover my needs), but I don’t know a way of defaulting this to the addTrack (or any other VST actually).

In my experience, the default is whatever instrument you last added. So set it to No Instrument, and that will be your default.
Until you add an actual instrument.
One of those things that are baked in.

Thanks for answering Sir.

Already tried that . Unforutnutaely it keeps setting a vst rather than “NO VST Instrument”

Out of pure curiosity, what would be the reason for creating an Instrument Track without an actual instrument?

To me it’s mostly a way to pretend to myself that I’m in a totally blank space with just the tracks names. Then I use MCU bindings to setup VSTs to each empty track using the controller, so that I can persuade myself that I’m doing something different than the last time. Do I? Nope :joy:

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