Setting Up Generic Midi - Studio Setup - Control Name Column Missing Names

Hey, I’m hoping someone can help me with this issue.

I’m on Windows 7 running the demo of Cubase 9.5 Pro with an Akai MPK49 controller. I have been able to play midi and control what I want to control within Cubase except for the Transport.

When I go into Studio Setup and set up a Generic Remote - the “control name” column doesn’t have any of the name listed like record, play, or whatever. Instead, it has k1 - k24 followed by f1-f24 then s1 - s24. I’d like to manually assign my control parameters to the functions but, again, they’re not listed by name.

In all of the guides and tutorials on setting up the midi controller they all say to find the names of the transport buttons in the control name column, but I don’t see the names. Anyone have any ideas?

Outside of this issue, I have Cubase working very well for me.


Hi and welcome,

If you want to control the Transport button, set it this way:
Device = Transport
Category = Device
Action = Start, or Stop, or Record, or…

Try choosing Mackie Control instead of Generic and all should work without customizing/adding transport controls

I use Mackie Control for my Tascam FW1884 it works perfectly with no tweaking