Setting up Halion 4?

Ok so I am very rusty at present, but I did use Halion. Halion 2 and Halion 3 - they all seemed quite straight forward. I am definitely stumbling around now.
Basically at this stage, i jst want to be sure that Halion has found its previous libraries, but am a bit lost in a number of windows. I have been hunting around for some koind of database rebuild thingy or something I can pointto the lagacy libraries. This thing is much more complex I feel a bit bamboozled.

Can anyone help with the finer points of setting this up please?

thank you all


Unfortunately, for how great Halion 4 is, it is really lacking in the import system it contains. You cannot find legacy FXB libraries from older versions of Halion from within Halion 4, you must convert them all to the VST Preset format. If you have FXP files, you can drag and drop them directly into the mediabay tab of Halion 4 from Windows explorer (are you even on pc?). This will create an entry in Mediabay called Halion 3 content. You can then tag and categorize as you see fit.

Halion 4, unlike 2 and 3 is also lacking a visible sample import view. You will have to drag and drop your audio files into Halion 4 from Cubase Mediabay (are you even on Cubase?) or hit CTRL + I to bring up a sample import dialog box where you can choose which samples you want to import. Once this is done you can save the program as a vst preset for later use.

It is an extremely convoluted and lengthy process to what it could be but it does work if you are willing to put in the time. I have already voiced these short comings when I first got Halion 4 a few months back. I am really hoping more than anything for some changes to how this is all done in a future update to Halion 4.

Best of luck, if you have any other questions or need some clarification, please let me know and I will try to help.

Thanks Cantankerous,
You did help. Yes I am on PC and on Cubase 6 (can you see the signature - it had half of this info?).

Superfically at least this Halion 4 seems to be a bit of a beast, I can see why they are dropping fxps though, for compatibility with a single generic file format VST3 - this bit seems to make sense. So far I see that Halion 4 firstly more of an an engineering tool rather than a sample player which I am sure it can also do. You have Halion Sonic for this I suppose. Again I can see why this is the design.
Halion 1 Halion 2 Halion 3, Halion 4 and Halion Sonic Trial are all on my system - all with different purposes and interfaces. I am also deep into revision of Omnishpere, Absynth, Trillian and RMX’ plus tackling Halion Orchestra SE - so I think I shall leave this aside for a while.

I am glad I was of help. Are you totally satisfied and up to snuff with things now, or did you need some more help?

OK for now Mr C :slight_smile: